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Largest yet

Here’s the 14′ sphere I did for a development in Mira Mar, near San Diego. I had to cut it into 4 parts for delivery and even then the height of the load was 14′ 2″ and the lowest overpass on I-5 is 14′ 4″… 1002150907 IMG_2415 IMG_0139 copy

Just can’t stop rolling along!

While I started out making my spheres from largely recycled materials, as you can see below, I’ve expanded to numerous materials, shapes, and colors! I am working on a number of projects at the moment, so before I reveal what I’ve been working on, here’s a selection from the past few years!



Noyo Cobbles and Straight bar, Sculpturesite

Before and after powdercoating!


Straight Bar 8′, Sculpturesite


Powdercoated curved bar.


Powdercoated curve bar

WTF 2016

Wow! Two years since my last post?! I’ve been up to a lot since then and would love to share with you some of my newer works! A couple of weeks ago was What the Festival in Dufur, OR where my 10′ disco ball and Immersive Jelly have been joined by two dragons; one 80′ dragon stage, and a smaller fire breathing dragon. What a fun time!

image image1 JELLY FISH HOUSE untitled-LEE_0361_HDR1 11335788_544954138976210_553889758_n

















27th Stormy Arts Festival!!!!!!!

I’ll be at Northwest By Northwest Gallery on Saturday, November 8th at 3 to show some recent pieces including a bright red ,36″ sphere that’s sure to clear any clouds away.

The gallery is at 232 N Spruce in beautiful Cannon Beach. 503 436 0741

How to build a 10′ disco ball….

First you make a sphere using 3 shapes to simplify the production of acrylic mirror needed, count all the various shapes, hang it up, add some paint… disco-1 disco-4 disco-3 disco-2 disco-5

3339 SE Division stormwater feature

This sculptural screen help bring the water down from the roof and into a large storm water planter to help keep the Willamette river clean in a colorful and stylish way. The steel was first hot dipped galvanized and then powder coated a vibrant orange. Thanks to Urban Development Partners fordiv-2 div-3 div-1 this fun piece. Last winter turned it into an ice fall…

WTF! Immersive forest jelly at WTF

My daughter Anna and I put up this fun installation at What The Festival, an EDM music fest near Dufur, Oregon. We hung the 18″ diameter “donut” 12′ off the ground and added over 21,000′ of nylon ribbon that touched many senses, the sound of it rustling in the wind, the soft, silky touch, ever changing visual form both day and night. I’m already planning a similar, though larger piece for next years festival.

jelly-4 jelly-5

Bellewether 2014

This is Arcs 14′ which is part of Bellewether 2014 in Bellevue Washington, a short trip from Seattle. The show runs till October  and I highly recommend stopping by if you’re near their beautiful downtown park,DSC_4387 DSC_4385

Northwest By Northwest Gallery, Cannon Beach, Oregon!

It is well worth the drive to head out to Cannon Beach and check out the Gallery that represents some of my favorite artists as well as a few of my own sculptures. NW By NW Gallery are located downtown, across from the City Park & info center,  has been around for many years and the owners, Joyce and Bob will be happy to lead you on a private tour of some remarkable artworks. Join us on September 6th for a slide presentation and informal talk, 2 to 5 at the gallery.  They are located at 232 N Spruce st., Cannon Beach, Or  503 436 0741DSC_0006 DSC_0003

Stainless steel sphere

DSC_1170 DSC_4388This 60″ sphere from stainless steel flatbar was the first one I’ve done with a glass bead blast finish, giving it a shimmering quality.DSC_1171