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2016 Sitka sale!

It was a great weekend at the Forestry Center where the Sitka Center held their annual fundraiser. There is always a great selection of art from the best artists and craftspeople in the Northwest. I had this 80″ salmon made from stainless steel and stainless flatware, it was fun to watch visitors face as they realized what it was made from. Special thanks to my friend and fish expert Eric Leonard for making it look like a fish….1106161213

Symbiosis Gathering 2016

I had a great time bringing Earth Dragon down to Oakdale, Ca for the Symbiosis Gathering, a celebration of music, art and friendship. Special thanks to Joshua Levine who convinced me to go, Ilko and Cimmaron who looked after it during the festival and Jean Margaret who took these photos.dragon-lit-side dragon-head dragon-lit-2 dragon-lit dragon-environ

Desert Art Collection

I was just down in Palm Desert dropping these 2 sculptures off at the Desert Art Collection, a great gallery in a nice city though 105 degrees made me remember why I love Portland….Please stop in and visit with Jana the Gallery Director and enjoy the air conditioning while visiting  their great collection.


45350 San Luis Rey Avenue

Palm Desert, California front-w-sculpture-011_origfront-w-sculpture-004x_orig

Dragon fire…

Here’s the small “Earth Dragon” doing it’s thing at What the Festival this year.  Always fun letting people press the fire button….wtf16-4506

Oregon Ballet Theater

Oregon Ballet Theater used my sculpture Rational Exuberance in a photo shoot for Artslandia magazine with this great result. They perfectly captured the energy and grace that I hoped to give the piece.unnamed

Portland Arboretum

Here’s a 7′ sphere made from 1/4″ stainless steel rod of random lengths suspended over a small pond at the newly opened bamboo garden at the arboretum. It’s an honor to be part of such a Portland institution and it was easy to work with the great staff. 20160725_140741 7.36.58 AM

Denver roadtrip

Daughters Celia and Anna helped keep me awake on the road and made a tricky installation easy as we moved in 2 pieces of an 8′ sphere and then welded it back together in the lobby of a new building at 100 St Paul in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.DSC_5294 DSC_5320 DSC_5302 DSC_5291DSC_5296 DSC_5311

Newport Beach sculpture park

This 112″ stainless sphere has been in the sculpture park next to the beautiful city hall for 2 years and will soon be moved to a permanent (TBD) location in the city. Unknown images 0814141344a 11246933_100311186972919_1418397510_n


I installed this piece a few weeks ago at a new development in Foster City, just South of San Francisco. It’s made from overlapping pieces of 3/8″ thick stainless steel, about 15′ tall on the pedestal.0627161105b 0627161105

Gear sphere

Here’s a 6′ diameter sphere made from bicycle sprockets for Cook St Apartments on N Williams st here in Portland. Thanks to Bike Portland blog for the photos!Unknown-1 00003544420645 Unknown images